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Taken By Fire

You my love have bled all your blood,
no longer able to trust life,
No more time to rejoice in blind thought or choice,
as I watch you drop your head.

To smell the soil grow rich, grow rich and decay,
can you live your life, in new beginning,
Ride tension left to right in this life,
to live through the eyes of love.
Let feeling consume you, realize…
how you were paralyzed,
I will see to it that I too set my body free
I react to reaction, let it all blow back,
desire misleads my child,
I can not follow steps such as these,
burnt and drowned in sorrow.
Oh brother do not, do not! Let this in,
it’s your chance to harmonize,
As tension grows thin new life will begin,
On the ashes of western civilization.
Break the shell,
free the seed,
you can’t escape the fire.
Some are Earthed,
most are freed,
to live without desire.
I’ll always love you,
No god is above you,
The fire can’t escape the fuel.
I’ll always love you,
I’ll always love you,
You can escape the fire.
(Refined lyrics of YLoveU by Jordan Reilly for Jarrett Stock)

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New Blog Title – Writings On Subjectivity

I have decided to make a new more appropriate blog title as I am not really traveling anymore, but rather living in a place where I am open to new subjective experiences.

Last night just as I was falling asleep in the early hours of the morning I thought of a poem and a new blog title.

Writings On Subjectivity:

Feel these sensations of heat resonate off your body, vibrating into space like a body doused in vinegar evaporating all energy upwards.

All is feeling and preconceived.

Psychology is the study of human beings progressive preconceived cognitive and behavioural nature.

You can’t go wrong.  All is right in a genuinely emotional perspective, where events are occurring and you are reacting to them. Live that reaction.  Be the real subject you were meant to be.

Do not hesitate when embracing intuitive knowledge or ability.  By avoiding it you will only create more misery and confusion.


Focus on your will.

Feel existence rub against your skin and stop playing games with yourself!


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Living the Blank

Is it the conflict of godlessness and ego which makes my identity crisis?

All is blank. When something appears it is quietly repressed by substance abuse. The sensible voice inside my head appears from time to time. Especially before I go to sleep. I wonder why it is that way? The mind gets tired of living in its altered state of perception and falls back on more familiar grounds. I am now aware that something is wrong. My thinking and structure of mind has indeed changed. Not for the good or bad but it is stagnating it seems.

It is a continual struggle as the observer and the subject. Somewhat of an insane process when the student is the professor lost within his assumption of life as an unknown understanding. Must there then be an overhaul or a period of intense mental stimulation to get me observing again. For now I am an experiment.

The non-focusing of eyes is still a common day to day activity. This physical behaviour is a nice manifestation of my current mental state. In a state of numbness and I am living the blank. Things are happening but I am not aware. Changes are occurring within my-body and outside my-body which are ultimately having a profound influence on me. However, I remain unaware and I imagine that this personal experience will continue. My world is moving but I would love for it to just stop! Everything. So that I can just have a nice deep sleep where all of this mental strain can release itself. But while I can not live the impossibility I can let the real possibilities in life bring me back to it.

There’s the black path that I am walking on. Everything in my eyes are seen at such a high contrast but I can still notice the black path. I am moving on it. Things are just pushing me because I am a human. I too am an instigator of manipulation. I am human.

The ego: being the manipulator. What a challenging life we live being endowed with this conscience. How hard it all becomes when you marginalize your belief in the existence good and bad. Your ego beings to scream. Your will to manipulate battles with your incompetence as a human being. Your blinded or altered eyes multiply your suffering because you closely watch the glorified select few who are unaware of your potential to lead. If only I could leave this black space. What a dark place I have come to love.

Wisdom’s lonely voice speaks of impermanence.


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I am throwing up these disconnected lines in my mind now that I have greater purpose and understanding. The potential to develop in myself the art of performance and expression is releasing itself from the shackles of aversion.

Tonight in Saigon was a strong moment for me where I began to give back some of myself. I played a few songs at an art cafe in the city. The audience was full of travelers, musicians and Vietnamese, who took us in as their own. Together we shared each other, each listening, each willingly to paint a part of the greater picture.

I let this life is take me for a ride. I will help and trust it. Mistrusting life is a conflict of interest. You want to see where it takes you, yet you are vulnerable to it, and at times control is not a relevant concept.

Now again when my eyes are shut pictures and lyrics pass through my sensors. This state of mind is impermanent which helps me to carry on through the mundane grind where such colours become blind to me.

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It took a burst of excitement to throw me on to my skateboard again,
It gradually built up over time and I finally snapped and assembled my trucks to my board,
I was a free spirit again while tapping into untouched memories of my youth,
I ran and jumped on my board,
Flew down the driveway while pushing hard up the hill,
My brain said “go switch and keep pushing”,
Out sheer unconsciousness a switch heelflip of such beauty came into existence,
As it touched my soul both my feet captured the spinning object,
Still floating forever it seemed as I realized again that skateboarding’s a dream,
Feelings of indescribable proportion as I grew tired I watched the sunset split the sky,
No remaining question of “who am I”.

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