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SaeSoe – Amsterdam

A platform to begin creatively sharing impressions of our wasteful and exploitative society with the intention to expose real challenges and organic solutions to problems facing Social and Environmental Sustainability on Earth







Creative Platform:

Creativity, content, and communication, are a powerful median for social change.  People recognize around the world that we are subjected to fabricated realities which are upheld by our various societal institutions.  But, there are actually many more social possibilities than we think.  This website will be used to express these possible realities and contemporary human experience through exhibitions for social and environmental change using creative medians such as: writing, photography, film, original music, and activism.

Reality As Perception: Change is possible

Quantum physics gives us insight into the possibilities of human experience by revealing that reality is only a perception.  When reality merely exists because of our brains ability to perceive it, then a large-scale change in human thought and behaviour is entirely possible.  Manipulation of human conscious is not something new, but recognizing the extent to which we have been manipulated is an important step in understanding that higher more equal degree of social organization is possible.

Power and Manipulation: Not serving interests of social and environmental sustainability

Fundamentally, change boils down to the concept of power.  The role of power and manipulation is reserved for the few elite who implement a larger reality of institutionalized inequality through social, political, and economic disempowerment and manipulation.  A system like this is not serving the interests of social and environmental sustainability, but the survival of the system itself.  In the past, social movements or mass movements of people have affected institutionalized knowledge, power systems, and modes of representation.  Those who are unequal are exploited by the intentions of the most powerful.  This creates a reaction that results in a struggle against a system serving to manipulate natural life systems and human behaviour.  Therefore, change is the result of a human system which is unnatural to that of which created us.

Harmony: The Question of Quality

When discussing quality, humans who are subjected to an unnatural system will react less harmoniously to that which is natural.  Then quality of human life is therefore lessened, and its potential to grow to become more harmonious with nature is fundamentally flawed. These two power systems of nature and man can not exist simultaneously without forcing one or the other into extinction.  However, people still perceive this reality to be true even while it is obvious that we are apart of nature and not something separate to it.  Therefore, our survival depends on how we learn to live in nature, not on our progress in managing it, and manipulating it, through modern medicine and sciences.

Living The Natural System: Living In Harmony

The potential of human “oneness”, existing as one in itself, and as a whole, is now being realized through functional communication systems like the internet, which has enabled people to share their relative human experience through the reach of the internet.  As people we must socially organize in more complex ways that enables us to grow our relationhsip and ultimately our understanding of the “natural system”.  Each of our own perception and realities must be aligned with the reality of nature.  Therefore, the organization of society will not be entirely collectivist but based on natures massive complexity and diversity in its own quest for survival.  Only when we accept this reality, will we reach the true harmony that for now only exists as a possibility.

By Jordan Reilly Stock

Writer @ SaeSoe Amsterdam



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Jordan Reilly – Songs and Meanings

This blog post was originally published on the website Journey 4 Planet Earth which is a new online community for people interested in becoming the real ‘change’ in the sustainability movement.

I am so pleased to see this website up and functioning. I think it is appropriate to upload two of my songs on the blog as they have relevance to the message that Journey 4 Planet Earth is projecting to the world.

The first is a song that I wrote while Robert Price was in the room and occasionally we jammed to it and had lots of fun. It’s called ‘Manic Oppression’ and its fundamental concept is to stop looking beyond our planet. Most people give into this doctrine of ‘progress’ when real answers and solutions have been floating around for hundreds of years, yet we cannot utilize them because of our reliance on a oppressive system.

I just finished reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s book ‘Colonialism and Neocolonialism’ which reminded me that “freedom cannot be given, it can only be taken away”. I think the contemporary societal discourse is serving to ‘manage freedom’, whereby rhetoric and culture supply us with an ideological belief in freedom which is reflective in modern historical struggles. Yes we fought against fascism but the ‘Wests’ investment first colonialism and now capitalist imperialism has only made us better at hiding our true oppressive fascist nature in contemporary society. Look at media or our education system for example. We are merely a consciousness that has been manipulated to join the consumption machine.

Yes, taking from the Earth’s bounty is a fundamental human characteristic, but it’s not the best human characteristic to intensify and then perpetuate for human survival. The paradigm of consumption is consuming our chances of survival. Therefore, ‘Manic Oppression’ reflects my frustration of being passionate about environmental sustainability, yet simultaneously being manipulated to feel apathetic and pessimistic to creating fundamental environmental solutions under our contemporary global power structures.

Freedom to me consists of living naturally with Earth. Rather we manipulate it, so that populations can grow and diseases can be delayed. However, when we seemingly belittle nature in our minds it amounts to dire consequences in reality.

In the mainstream discourse, economics remains to be firstly, more important than the environment and secondly, be labeled as the solution to environmental degradation. This myth, is backed by professional advertising and squeaky clean power-point presentations given by multinational corporations who serve their own interests in investing in their green revolution. These fossil fuel emitting corporations are sure spending money to manipulate the public through “green-washing” which is serving to perpetuate their interests in perhaps a future time. This revolution is not about the interests of corporations and contemporary power structures, it is about the safety of people. The biggest threat to human survival is not terrorism (which is a reaction to US imperialism), but U.S. imperialism itself! The U.S. must stop manipulating their nation in order to remain a hegemonic imperialist and start providing progressive solutions to the problems we face.

The next song is called “Falling Through Blue and Green”. This song describes the observations made by a new conscious coming into the world through a gene pool. Then the simple and pure observations that the conscious makes.


Jordan Reilly


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Dualism: Idealism and Realism

Drawn between the two: Idealism and Realism

Pain.  Life is the constant submission to pain.  One idealist side is pulling the other realist side.  A dualistic Dove and Devil defending itself by deluding death-like decedents of humanity.

This dualism is the cradle of power.  The ‘God’ of power. The great creator and designer of the human conscience.  Here you will find the subjective conflict of craving and aversion.  Murders and Lawyers.  The choice of power or fame. Or why not both?  Both reality and idealistic theory share the positive or negative social connotation once the ‘subject’ has reacted through the manifestation of theoretical expectations–‘good’ or ‘bad’, which in itself has little meaning but to buffer the effect of power consolidation.

It is the worlds addiction to craving and aversion–the craving for a more individual or ‘positive’ reality, and an aversion to a battle between ‘negative’ stagnating reality and their idealistic preference. Where is my dove of salvation? Or the simple resolution to an oppressed space?  Conscience is reserved for reality, idealism is reserved for dreams of freedom and self-preference.

This dualism is symbolic of the wisdom in the eastern philosophy of non-absolution and impermanence.  Nature is continuously changing at such a high frequency that humans, even with our five sensory systems, are oblivious to these changes in relativity.  Humans suffer because of this.  It is the clash of human nature and nature itself.  Who will overcome the other?  Humanity are the ‘underdogs’ who have created communication and technology to overcome their struggles of survival against the ultimate creator.  First the contemporary God and then mother Earth.

When the concept of impermanence manifests itself in reality we seem shocked.  But why?  It’s because we idealize the world to be a certain that way, and when an unforeseen tragedy manifests itself all hell breaks loose and people begin to release stress emotionally to resolve the pain.  Images are shown all around the world so we can contemplate the ‘real’ reality of our situation on this planet.

We must utilize our emotional intelligence to rightfully understand that we can change now.  Not continue to be destroyers while straightening our defenses through creating new technology to out-wait the inevitable.  The solution to unhappiness is getting use to pain.  Don’t let the unfamiliar or the absurd frighten you.  Expose your mental and physical self to every thought and sensation that exists whereby we can forever be explorers in the changing universe, as we are inevitably an example of the makeup of the universe. Our concept of rational understanding, or reality is so limited, and idealism must be grounded in what is necessary for ‘x’.  After all the meaning of life is equivocal.

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Compulsive Self-Awareness and Self-Deprecation:

Compulsive Self-Awareness and Self-Deprecation
Absurdity?: By Jordan Reilly Stock

Does compulsive self-awareness lead to self-deprecation?

This is not about the conflict of self-growth and self-acceptance because one is always growing and making a subtler mind. It is purely about the tension that is created when one is overly objective about the conscious mind.

Has then judgment become a greater mechanism of this state of mind? Does ethics then come into play, which arguably, do not exist when everything boils down to human survivalist behavior. Is happiness more to do with interacting with life on an experiential level, rather than observing without this instinctive action? Whereby instinctive behaviour would be free to develop into an individual reality. These questions of whether this is good or bad have no real significance, as you are engaging in your self-emotional reality.

How does this then affect happiness when one is always impersonal and objective to their emotions? Emotions being the reaction of the subjective mind. Emotions may be deprived of balance when one is compulsively self-aware. How can one believe in the self’s existence and the importance of its well being, while having a disconnected emotional relationship with the mind and material universe. Answers about the unknown cannot just be discovered by objective awareness.  One must discover their existential reality from the relationship with mind and material universe.

The answers to the mystery of life are found in absolute subtlety through the relationship of mind and body. If you want to find answers then you must strengthen your sensorial mechanics and awaken “unconscious” knowledge. In other words subjectively become aware of your ‘unconscious’ as you fall through the layers of subtlety.

In silence all answers can be found. Subjective silence of the mind will help control the conditioned cognitive commentary of the objective mind. Silence can be defined by the ‘complete absence of sound’, or in a more cognitive perspective, ‘complete absence of activity.’ In other words, death. But wait, the function of bodily organs work instinctively in the contemporary ‘unconscious’ mind, however it should be defined as the more conscious mind, as someone who reaches true awareness of self will be fully “enlightened” as it will discover the subtle framework of universal nature within your body and the universe itself, rather than observing the confusion of the incompetent contemporarily defined conscience. The replication of misery will therefore continue under the objectively “aware” mind.


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New Blog Title – Writings On Subjectivity

I have decided to make a new more appropriate blog title as I am not really traveling anymore, but rather living in a place where I am open to new subjective experiences.

Last night just as I was falling asleep in the early hours of the morning I thought of a poem and a new blog title.

Writings On Subjectivity:

Feel these sensations of heat resonate off your body, vibrating into space like a body doused in vinegar evaporating all energy upwards.

All is feeling and preconceived.

Psychology is the study of human beings progressive preconceived cognitive and behavioural nature.

You can’t go wrong.  All is right in a genuinely emotional perspective, where events are occurring and you are reacting to them. Live that reaction.  Be the real subject you were meant to be.

Do not hesitate when embracing intuitive knowledge or ability.  By avoiding it you will only create more misery and confusion.


Focus on your will.

Feel existence rub against your skin and stop playing games with yourself!


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Living the Blank

Is it the conflict of godlessness and ego which makes my identity crisis?

All is blank. When something appears it is quietly repressed by substance abuse. The sensible voice inside my head appears from time to time. Especially before I go to sleep. I wonder why it is that way? The mind gets tired of living in its altered state of perception and falls back on more familiar grounds. I am now aware that something is wrong. My thinking and structure of mind has indeed changed. Not for the good or bad but it is stagnating it seems.

It is a continual struggle as the observer and the subject. Somewhat of an insane process when the student is the professor lost within his assumption of life as an unknown understanding. Must there then be an overhaul or a period of intense mental stimulation to get me observing again. For now I am an experiment.

The non-focusing of eyes is still a common day to day activity. This physical behaviour is a nice manifestation of my current mental state. In a state of numbness and I am living the blank. Things are happening but I am not aware. Changes are occurring within my-body and outside my-body which are ultimately having a profound influence on me. However, I remain unaware and I imagine that this personal experience will continue. My world is moving but I would love for it to just stop! Everything. So that I can just have a nice deep sleep where all of this mental strain can release itself. But while I can not live the impossibility I can let the real possibilities in life bring me back to it.

There’s the black path that I am walking on. Everything in my eyes are seen at such a high contrast but I can still notice the black path. I am moving on it. Things are just pushing me because I am a human. I too am an instigator of manipulation. I am human.

The ego: being the manipulator. What a challenging life we live being endowed with this conscience. How hard it all becomes when you marginalize your belief in the existence good and bad. Your ego beings to scream. Your will to manipulate battles with your incompetence as a human being. Your blinded or altered eyes multiply your suffering because you closely watch the glorified select few who are unaware of your potential to lead. If only I could leave this black space. What a dark place I have come to love.

Wisdom’s lonely voice speaks of impermanence.


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