It took a burst of excitement to throw me on to my skateboard again,
It gradually built up over time and I finally snapped and assembled my trucks to my board,
I was a free spirit again while tapping into untouched memories of my youth,
I ran and jumped on my board,
Flew down the driveway while pushing hard up the hill,
My brain said “go switch and keep pushing”,
Out sheer unconsciousness a switch heelflip of such beauty came into existence,
As it touched my soul both my feet captured the spinning object,
Still floating forever it seemed as I realized again that skateboarding’s a dream,
Feelings of indescribable proportion as I grew tired I watched the sunset split the sky,
No remaining question of “who am I”.


I am as fluid as water,
I fill all cracks
even the deepest,

Water worries without reason,
I get caught in the waste,
be calm water will rejuvenate,

I blind my vision for a moment,
and feel what it would be like,
All the horrors disappear,

I picture myself living my life,
without visual perception,
all is black and all is nothing,

The apocalypse comes,
to rescue me,
but its beauty I can not see,

So for a moment,
I open my eyes,
I see reflection of a burning flame,

The human world did stop,
but I didn’t notice,
all the reaction I preconceived?

Nothing changed,
change does not exist,
our Earth grows as we pass,

Passion is with me,
follow it,
and live through it,

I can’t go wrong,
all of this is my song,
my life am the one.

Western Sky

Picturesque sky tells no lies,
the sun sets from east to west,
the light has come it will again,
the time is now for referendum,

A better place is of baron land,
So much space but we can not erase,
this established race white faced,
will learn the land not dominate it,

Towers of technology,
so high tall and unnatural,
buildings blocks are mobilized,
I will build a house from a tree,

Seriously here we are,
no escaping only traveling,
I am happy that this is true,
I will live my life with an I,

So now I strive to tell no lie,
a positive step in space and time,
Give freedom to me and the others,
Empower the mothers and brothers,

Change is no natural like life,
thus the only thing we know is right,
grasp your inner beauty to find,
that your mind and heart is not apart
it is concealed in your bodily art

Over Analysing

She sits there by the Forgan Smith,
Her eyes are sharp and they will wip,
my perception is art deep and close,
I feel that my body is a floating ghost.

Over analysis is used to make sense of life,
I can’t accept your reaction as right,
Quarreling birds above me are fueled with life,
Their energy smells like cheap cough medicine.

Pretentious pricks are pink like pansies,
A flip of the hair that you wear on your head,
A turkey pecks at human waste abused and dead,
Are those umbrellas pink or purple?

Communication has become useless and wasteful,
carbon is expelled from your blood cells,
Social circles always a circle unbroken and strong,
I can see truth that you will become a killer.

Do I need life is my connectivity strong,
Was I born to be this hobo bum,
I’m fucking insane with relational insanity,
I don’t need drugs to get outside reality.

I feel so far out through over-analysis,
I am now a threat to progressive pretending,
This perception is back its back again,
The energex is fighting us away,

Lock me up I will not live another day…

Positivity in Social Energy

Universal energy vibrant,
waiting to be perceived,
by young thinkers,
whom attract this energy.

Thinkers before us,
examine life’s tenancies,
looking for explanations,
is the balance found in positivity?

Nature as observed ,
holds the key laws and reactions,
imagine a utopia a phenomenon,
the secret: a balanced and harmonious life.

Natural is important,
positive harmony,
energy is all around,
learn from negative and positive.

Matter strikes a balance,
the balance of existence,
we exist as once scattered life,
chemical consciousness: Electricity

So there is an aspect,
one which is social,
take the negative take the positive,
all is one and one is all.

Will humans practice harmony,
or will our atoms,
find a place in the land, air and sea,
We must rethink positivity.

When melancholic,
don’t think that your ill,
or cover it up,
with a ‘happy pill’.

Practice compassion,
peace and will,
life is a mountain,
don’t think its a hill.

A glowing amygdala,
will enhance your senses,
to make human action,
less damaging and relentless.


Empty heart,
empty smile,
will the heat,
rise and rise.

I have never touched emptiness,
I have not laughed in a while,
when I see you smile,
I feel no love.

Your wrapped around me,
just clinging on,
It’s like I’m scared,
this time I can’t run.

As I stare beyond us,
I feel alone,
your not there,
we are not a pair.

Sex is something,
that I want,
but I am afraid again,
your not the one.

One is one,
two is two,
you say to me,
that it is not you.

Well if its not me,
then it must be you,
and if its not you,
then it must be me.

Will I stop or,
keep it going,
even while,
no love is showing.

I tell you,
I do no love you,
I assume you,
feel the same,

I remain,
to play the game,
what will it take to stop,
I thank the clock.

Another Sleepless Night

I have become pushed too far no longer reaching out with love and compassion. Sensory is blurred. Distant light can not be seen. I am alone.

So few achievements can be identified from progress. How can my mind and minds alike be drawn to such professions? We are artists and free spirits, who are forced to cooperate, disciplined by social superficiality through rewarding our compliance to the doctrine of progress.

I am questing a construct that I have found comfort in. I’m afraid of myself. Failure. I guess I can never fail if I never begin, and if I never begin then I ultimately fail.

A waste of anxiety.

Fear numbed me and played tricks with my head. Fear, an illusion in life, which can destroy those it wishes to destroy through the pressure of subhuman systems. Fear will shut you down, blind you, create anger, and depress your spirit. When we are not afraid we will face the challenges of life not use them to destroy, suppress and exploit others.

I can no longer concede to fear, as fear is such a simple reaction to life. Those who instill fear into the lives of others will soon become afraid themselves, as we are coming, and we will not fight fear with fear, and violence with violence to make a new world.  All will be dreaming whilst dead.

Out with a bang

Cigarette smoke in and out,
Of this body I call my house,
The last one I will take outside,
The last won will smoke me out,

These feelings are controlled,
By whom I call them my own,
Dreaming almost schizophrenically,
Past present future align,

Remix of this short life lived,
Games turn you into a logician,
Searching for perfect harmony,
Melody brings you down to ground,

Thoughts feeding back like cracks,
Silence has won me over,
A distant voice asks questions,
He is my friend.

xLDes>en GoogleDicC
inseguro , no seguro

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