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A Touch of Insanity

Confusion can take you deeper into your functional processes.  Once all sence of direction is lost, you stop taking yourself so seriously and past ideas and feelings now appear to have never have meant anything.  Memory has captured this journey as a series of intense up´s and down´s, which have sent you searching for answers deeper and deeper into the surface level of the mind, into confusion.  I am confused.  But don’t think that you’re not.

Maintain, but control, your impulsive machine and its compulsive actions.  It has sent me the whole way around the world acting on confusion.   Traveling may help you to believe that you have arrived at a new house. But look inside,this whole time you never really left.  Just gave yourself something interesting to look at and manipulate for a while.

Once you have found the key you are a keeper of the machine.  Don’t think the damn thing functions on autopilot as it use to dammit!  You need some concentration boy, some discipline!  No one else can drive this thing…

My delusions have an actual texture that make me cringe.  I have almost narrowed it down to feeling as if I am a collection of sand inside an envelope.  This feeling arises often, usually when I am meditating or begin to quite my mind before sleep.  I am working on illustrating the feeling as it is just too difficult at this stage.


Too tired to sleep, too active to excercise, feeling to numb to care about today, as music notes flow.  Hear my static river and laugh if you want to.  I choose to concentrate.  Now pluck a note and watch slimy fame drip.

The bastards are everywhere.  The imperfection of life and self is goodness, but not great.  So why build a colony just to incorporate an ideology.

The fear that I will break troubles more than me.  If only there was truth behind honesty.

The power of effect is a cause for perfection.  Only so I may break it down.  In intermission we sat with no ambition.


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