Taken By Fire

You my love have bled all your blood,
no longer able to trust life,
No more time to rejoice in blind thought or choice,
as I watch you drop your head.

To smell the soil grow rich, grow rich and decay,
can you live your life, in new beginning,
Ride tension left to right in this life,
to live through the eyes of love.
Let feeling consume you, realize…
how you were paralyzed,
I will see to it that I too set my body free
I react to reaction, let it all blow back,
desire misleads my child,
I can not follow steps such as these,
burnt and drowned in sorrow.
Oh brother do not, do not! Let this in,
it’s your chance to harmonize,
As tension grows thin new life will begin,
On the ashes of western civilization.
Break the shell,
free the seed,
you can’t escape the fire.
Some are Earthed,
most are freed,
to live without desire.
I’ll always love you,
No god is above you,
The fire can’t escape the fuel.
I’ll always love you,
I’ll always love you,
You can escape the fire.
(Refined lyrics of YLoveU by Jordan Reilly for Jarrett Stock)

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