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Amsterdam Alphabet Street Tour


“Take to the streets. We are taking back our lands”

Before you begin you must look inside to clear out what has been built up and now overwhelms you.

Seemingly engaged in society but oh so far away from anything worth calling a community.  Impersonal minds traffic electric signals to another in a global network full of pornography and literary reviews which symbolize our nature and present disconnect with one another.

Amsterdam Alphabet Street Tour will be a moment of engagement with the public I hope.  Still I can’t help feeling marginalized by the growing lack of mind and body consciousness.  Both within myself, and in others, who pass when we are playing our music on the street.  Where is compassion?  It can be found in our music.  If you would only listen.  🙂


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Tomorrow I Leave

Tomorrow I leave the road of lust to be off the torn road to rust. “It’s all good”, says the self-fulfilling prophet, “you have to wait and work for the self you desire…” The air ahead is fresh and the air I left has consumed all in death. The canals trap you like a passive machine, no free flowing movement within our ‘real-time’ magazine. For I can not be sure they are living once I pass outside of the working city limits. The introspective voice need not wait for a natural perspective. Now, I hear only echoes of a subtle past time that has destroyed seas and moved occupied lands without question of reason in tyranny. So naturally all of this has occurred.

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Wordle – Writings of Subjectivity

Wordle: Writings of Subjectivity

Click on my Wordle to see how my blog ‘Writings of Subjectivity’ looks when the words are quantified visually.

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