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Poncho and the Rain

I am going to be working on a playwright throughout the coming weeks.

The characters name is Poncho.


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Angry Airports

These ports of anger are a zoo for advertising and elitist experiments. I can’t but feel angry and I want some attention.  What is this?  70 Baht for a 350mL bottle of water.  I don’t care about giving away money..! OK yes, I care, but shit 200-400% price increase to be in a zoo for 5 hours.

The consumer life is like a smashed hot fluorescent light.  Painful, poison, parched and ever so fucking pretty with their wastefulness.  Only enjoy yourself if you feel pleasure from looking more powerful and superficial than the next.  I never thought people bought these things in these airports until I saw a women with a hand bag over her shoulder looking in the mirror. Maybe I choose to not accept this picture out of fear of being ashamed at ourselves and what we are becoming.

Consumer culture has used the concept of the ‘airport’ to push their dominant ideology.  A succubus ideology which is raping true individualism and filling our heads with 2nd hand goop information serving no purpose but to blind and create ignorance.  Even Mr Individual, I, is a product of this product producing world. How can I continue to fight without becoming a victim to its beauty?

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Crossing Amsterdam

Tomorrow I embark a plane to Amsterdam to further involve myself in the arts politically and musically.  This is purely throwing myself in the deeper end of things, where I actually feel most comforable and alive.  Lets create a reality.  How to define sucess?  Why bother.  Let this experience be the definition of quality.  No success, no failure.  Trust your reaction in every way.  Or become a blob of self-destruction.


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