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I am throwing up these disconnected lines in my mind now that I have greater purpose and understanding. The potential to develop in myself the art of performance and expression is releasing itself from the shackles of aversion.

Tonight in Saigon was a strong moment for me where I began to give back some of myself. I played a few songs at an art cafe in the city. The audience was full of travelers, musicians and Vietnamese, who took us in as their own. Together we shared each other, each listening, each willingly to paint a part of the greater picture.

I let this life is take me for a ride. I will help and trust it. Mistrusting life is a conflict of interest. You want to see where it takes you, yet you are vulnerable to it, and at times control is not a relevant concept.

Now again when my eyes are shut pictures and lyrics pass through my sensors. This state of mind is impermanent which helps me to carry on through the mundane grind where such colours become blind to me.


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