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I am as fluid as water,
I fill all cracks
even the deepest,

Water worries without reason,
I get caught in the waste,
be calm water will rejuvenate,

I blind my vision for a moment,
and feel what it would be like,
All the horrors disappear,

I picture myself living my life,
without visual perception,
all is black and all is nothing,

The apocalypse comes,
to rescue me,
but its beauty I can not see,

So for a moment,
I open my eyes,
I see reflection of a burning flame,

The human world did stop,
but I didn’t notice,
all the reaction I preconceived?

Nothing changed,
change does not exist,
our Earth grows as we pass,

Passion is with me,
follow it,
and live through it,

I can’t go wrong,
all of this is my song,
my life am the one.


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