An auto-biography

As a young boy he roamed the land naked, swam in the ocean being loved by its warmth.

Carried by the air to unknown lands, a new family to live by. We climbed crumbling mountains breathing the thin sky.

Always asking questions, his mind grew strong. Too strong and afraid of ever letting go to feel the divine flow.

Provoking all people to feel the freedom of struggle. Too exhausted by contradiction he had lost his words and sight.

Born in the sickness of tradition, he suffered, alongside every other. We seek understanding, he said, and for that, we do not understand.

-Jordan Reilly Stock

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A Touch of Insanity

Confusion can take you deeper into your functional processes.  Once all sence of direction is lost, you stop taking yourself so seriously and past ideas and feelings now appear to have never have meant anything.  Memory has captured this journey as a series of intense up´s and down´s, which have sent you searching for answers deeper and deeper into the surface level of the mind, into confusion.  I am confused.  But don’t think that you’re not.

Maintain, but control, your impulsive machine and its compulsive actions.  It has sent me the whole way around the world acting on confusion.   Traveling may help you to believe that you have arrived at a new house. But look inside,this whole time you never really left.  Just gave yourself something interesting to look at and manipulate for a while.

Once you have found the key you are a keeper of the machine.  Don’t think the damn thing functions on autopilot as it use to dammit!  You need some concentration boy, some discipline!  No one else can drive this thing…

My delusions have an actual texture that make me cringe.  I have almost narrowed it down to feeling as if I am a collection of sand inside an envelope.  This feeling arises often, usually when I am meditating or begin to quite my mind before sleep.  I am working on illustrating the feeling as it is just too difficult at this stage.


Too tired to sleep, too active to excercise, feeling to numb to care about today, as music notes flow.  Hear my static river and laugh if you want to.  I choose to concentrate.  Now pluck a note and watch slimy fame drip.

The bastards are everywhere.  The imperfection of life and self is goodness, but not great.  So why build a colony just to incorporate an ideology.

The fear that I will break troubles more than me.  If only there was truth behind honesty.

The power of effect is a cause for perfection.  Only so I may break it down.  In intermission we sat with no ambition.

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Taken By Fire

You my love have bled all your blood,
no longer able to trust life,
No more time to rejoice in blind thought or choice,
as I watch you drop your head.

To smell the soil grow rich, grow rich and decay,
can you live your life, in new beginning,
Ride tension left to right in this life,
to live through the eyes of love.
Let feeling consume you, realize…
how you were paralyzed,
I will see to it that I too set my body free
I react to reaction, let it all blow back,
desire misleads my child,
I can not follow steps such as these,
burnt and drowned in sorrow.
Oh brother do not, do not! Let this in,
it’s your chance to harmonize,
As tension grows thin new life will begin,
On the ashes of western civilization.
Break the shell,
free the seed,
you can’t escape the fire.
Some are Earthed,
most are freed,
to live without desire.
I’ll always love you,
No god is above you,
The fire can’t escape the fuel.
I’ll always love you,
I’ll always love you,
You can escape the fire.
(Refined lyrics of YLoveU by Jordan Reilly for Jarrett Stock)

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Amsterdam Alphabet Street Tour


“Take to the streets. We are taking back our lands”

Before you begin you must look inside to clear out what has been built up and now overwhelms you.

Seemingly engaged in society but oh so far away from anything worth calling a community.  Impersonal minds traffic electric signals to another in a global network full of pornography and literary reviews which symbolize our nature and present disconnect with one another.

Amsterdam Alphabet Street Tour will be a moment of engagement with the public I hope.  Still I can’t help feeling marginalized by the growing lack of mind and body consciousness.  Both within myself, and in others, who pass when we are playing our music on the street.  Where is compassion?  It can be found in our music.  If you would only listen.  🙂

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Tomorrow I Leave

Tomorrow I leave the road of lust to be off the torn road to rust. “It’s all good”, says the self-fulfilling prophet, “you have to wait and work for the self you desire…” The air ahead is fresh and the air I left has consumed all in death. The canals trap you like a passive machine, no free flowing movement within our ‘real-time’ magazine. For I can not be sure they are living once I pass outside of the working city limits. The introspective voice need not wait for a natural perspective. Now, I hear only echoes of a subtle past time that has destroyed seas and moved occupied lands without question of reason in tyranny. So naturally all of this has occurred.

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Wordle – Writings of Subjectivity

Wordle: Writings of Subjectivity

Click on my Wordle to see how my blog ‘Writings of Subjectivity’ looks when the words are quantified visually.

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SaeSoe – Amsterdam

A platform to begin creatively sharing impressions of our wasteful and exploitative society with the intention to expose real challenges and organic solutions to problems facing Social and Environmental Sustainability on Earth







Creative Platform:

Creativity, content, and communication, are a powerful median for social change.  People recognize around the world that we are subjected to fabricated realities which are upheld by our various societal institutions.  But, there are actually many more social possibilities than we think.  This website will be used to express these possible realities and contemporary human experience through exhibitions for social and environmental change using creative medians such as: writing, photography, film, original music, and activism.

Reality As Perception: Change is possible

Quantum physics gives us insight into the possibilities of human experience by revealing that reality is only a perception.  When reality merely exists because of our brains ability to perceive it, then a large-scale change in human thought and behaviour is entirely possible.  Manipulation of human conscious is not something new, but recognizing the extent to which we have been manipulated is an important step in understanding that higher more equal degree of social organization is possible.

Power and Manipulation: Not serving interests of social and environmental sustainability

Fundamentally, change boils down to the concept of power.  The role of power and manipulation is reserved for the few elite who implement a larger reality of institutionalized inequality through social, political, and economic disempowerment and manipulation.  A system like this is not serving the interests of social and environmental sustainability, but the survival of the system itself.  In the past, social movements or mass movements of people have affected institutionalized knowledge, power systems, and modes of representation.  Those who are unequal are exploited by the intentions of the most powerful.  This creates a reaction that results in a struggle against a system serving to manipulate natural life systems and human behaviour.  Therefore, change is the result of a human system which is unnatural to that of which created us.

Harmony: The Question of Quality

When discussing quality, humans who are subjected to an unnatural system will react less harmoniously to that which is natural.  Then quality of human life is therefore lessened, and its potential to grow to become more harmonious with nature is fundamentally flawed. These two power systems of nature and man can not exist simultaneously without forcing one or the other into extinction.  However, people still perceive this reality to be true even while it is obvious that we are apart of nature and not something separate to it.  Therefore, our survival depends on how we learn to live in nature, not on our progress in managing it, and manipulating it, through modern medicine and sciences.

Living The Natural System: Living In Harmony

The potential of human “oneness”, existing as one in itself, and as a whole, is now being realized through functional communication systems like the internet, which has enabled people to share their relative human experience through the reach of the internet.  As people we must socially organize in more complex ways that enables us to grow our relationhsip and ultimately our understanding of the “natural system”.  Each of our own perception and realities must be aligned with the reality of nature.  Therefore, the organization of society will not be entirely collectivist but based on natures massive complexity and diversity in its own quest for survival.  Only when we accept this reality, will we reach the true harmony that for now only exists as a possibility.

By Jordan Reilly Stock

Writer @ SaeSoe Amsterdam

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